Training begins at the pre-ballet (creative movement) level and progresses through the most advanced levels of technical skill. Lessons are derived from the Russian Vaganova Method as well as the ABT® National Training Curriculum. Classes focus on a combination of posture, placement, musicality and technical coordination leading to flexibility, strength, and facility in exercises at the barre and in centre which prepare students for the allegro, turns, footwork, and armwork expected in the repertoire. Students are trained in the theory of the movements and how exercises at each level work toward artistic freedom through technical function. Through the curriculum, students learn how to healthily use their bodies both as artists and athletes and how to maintain a healthy and successful lifestyle, which includes discipline, self-respect, teamwork, empathy, and perseverance that carries into professional careers in dance and beyond. Students entering the school are placed in levels based on age and skill. Students are expected to come to class in professional dance attire with pink tights and the proper leotard color for their skill level. Hair must be in a bun or pulled neatly back from the face if too short to do so. Students seeking to work on pointe must have completed at least two years of previous ballet study, be at least ten years of age, and be enrolled in at least two regular ballet classes per week to prevent injury.

Level 1 (Creative Movement):

The Level 1 class is for the studio’s youngest beginners. This class provides an exciting and fun atmosphere in which children can explore the world of music, imagination, and expression while developing coordinated skills for progression to advanced ballet classes. Children will develop their physical being, sensory awareness, and concentration and channel their energy in a positive and creative way. They will learn to understand the concepts of high and low, big and small, turning, jumping, stretching, musical awareness, and working individually and in groups through imaginative, fun exercises designed to develop the body and mind. Bring your imagination to a class where: We fly way up to the clouds; swim in the sea; pull down the moon and watch it float back up to the sky; jump over mountains; take all of the colors and dance with them!

Level 2 – 6 Ballet Technique:

Our progressive ballet classes focus on specific technical placement and increased musicality and coordination leading to flexibility, strength, and facility in exercises at the barre and in centre, which prepare students for the allegro, turns, and footwork expected in the classical repertoire. Students will learn how the theory of movements results in technical function and artistic freedom and will be expected to know both the vocabulary of ballet as well as how to create combinations that facilitate a healthy practice regimen, technical growth, and ownership of skills.


The Pointe Class offers students an opportunity to explore the technical and creative worlds of pointe-work at a heightened level. Classes delve into complex warm-ups that develop the strength, stability, and articulation of the feet and body through barre-work, center combinations, and across-the-floor work. Students also work on level appropriate repertoire to put into practice the concepts and skills discussed during class. This class, offered every trimester, offers intensive one-on-one instruction for the safe development of each dancer on pointe with focus on using the confidence gained from the technique to greatly enhance the performer’s repertoire. Trimesters culminate in community and in-studio performance opportunities.

Elective Classes:

Electives offer students an opportunity to explore historical classical and new contemporary repertoire as well as teach them how to garner tools for choreographing works focused on imagery and forms of self-expression through dance.  We also include conditioning sessions to help them develop heightened flexibility, posture, alignment, muscle tone, and core stability to complement technique and performance goals based on the latest research in ballet kinesiology.

Adult Ballet:

The Adult Ballet Class offers quality training in the art and enjoyment of classical ballet both for individuals who studied ballet in the past or are exploring the art for the first time. This class promotes technique, artistry and musicality with the opportunity to strengthen your body and increase flexibility and balance. Students will master basic stretches, positions, and skills while achieving heightened strength, flexibility, and balance, which enrich health of body, mind, and spirit.  Each trimester also includes learning a dance from our studio’s current repertoire!

Spring Peformance:

The spring performance is an opportunity for students to take part in an annual year-end performance in which they can grow and learn by working together in a creative full-scale production. Students involved in the Repertoire and Malenkee classes also present group pieces worked on throughout the year as well as self-choreographed works. NCCB students receive a spring performance notice, enrollment form, fee amount, and rehearsal schedule during the second trimester. The fee covers props, costuming, scenery, music fees, staging, and venue rental. Rehearsals begin in February and are conducted at the studio on Friday evenings. Past performances include Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia, Cinderella, Paquita, Four Seasons, Etudes, Peter & The Wolf, Flower Festival, and more.

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