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Level 1 - 2
Level 3, Electives
Level 4 - 6

*Families with two children enrolled receive 15% off the total tuition.
**Families with three or more children enrolled receive 20% off the total tuition.


Yearly classes consist of three trimesters of study with twelve classes taught within each semester. Summer classes, intensives,
and cost vary each year with information announced in June. Tuition fees are based on total classes a student takes per week, per trimester,
and reflect a built-in discount when additional classes are taken. Extra percentage discounts apply for families with more than one enrolled child.
Full payment is due before the start of each trimester and “Tuition Due” notices will be posted and emailed as reminders. If tuition is not received
by the trimester's start, a $15 late fee will be charged and the student will not be allowed to participate in class until payment is received . If special circumstances exist, parents must speak with the director one month in advance of the due date to avoid fees. Lawyer and court fees will be added
to tuition and late fee recovery. A $35 fee will be charged for checks not clearing due to“insufficient funds.” There are no refunds for tuition or performance fees and no deductions or reimbursements for classes not made up.


Parents are required to fill out and sign the Enrollment Form attached to the brochure before a student can participate in classes.
Please make a note if there are any previous injuries or illnesses that the child has suffered along with any allergies or special concerns.
New students are welcomed and accepted on a first-come basis depending on class availability.
Level placement is based on age and skill. There is no registration fee.


Assigned leotard color with pink tights and slippers. Hair in a perfect bun. Skirts and sweaters are not allowed.
Students in levels 4 – 6 and Repertoire or Malenkee must also have pointe shoes at each class (per teacher discretion).
A student may be asked to sit out a class or rehearsal if they are not prepared with the proper attire or shoes, regardless of reason.
Level 1 = Any Color; Level 2 = Light Blue; Level 3 = Light Pink; Level 4, 5, & 6, Repertoire & Malenkee = Black


Students must be 10 years old and have studied two or more years.
Eligible students will be evaluated by the teacher, and all evaluation decisions are final.
Students on pointe must take at least two ballet classes at their level per week to ensure the safe strengthening of their skills
for class and repertoire demands. If a student has missed technique classes, the teacher may ask the student to wait to go
back on pointe until the dancer's muscles have been re-tuned to the necessary strength and alignment.
Pointe will be offered both during one technique class each week and as an elective.


Classes can only be made up within the same trimester. Students are only allowed to make up at classes at or below their level.
Absences and tardies do play a part in a student's placement in roles for various performances. Commitment to both the studio
and repertoire company within the studio is of vital importance as the dancers must be responsible for a large amount of choreography
and group work that depends on continual interaction between students for both personal stability and safety as well as artistic flow.
Students are encouraged to not miss class unless absolutely necessary and to make up class within the same week of the absence to prevent
loss of refined muscle tone that enables them to dance at their optimal level of performance throughout the trimester and prevent injury.


Parents of older students may observe class the last week of each trimester. There are also several opportunities for observation
throughout the year due to the number of performances offered. Parents of the youngest students are asked to stay and observe for
each class as their presence provides stability that helps students explore further out of their comfort zone. There is an observation
window that looks directly into the studio with seating for parents and siblings.

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