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In order for a student to participate in class, this form must be completely filled out and signed by a parent.

Newtown Centre of Classical Ballet & Voice
87 South Main Street, Suite 1, Newtown, CT 06470

I have read and fully understand all of NCCB&V’s school and tuition policies. I further acknowledge and agree that: I am responsible for tuition payments in accordance with the tuition payment schedule; all late fees; and fees associated with checks that are returned for insufficient funds, and any damage that I or a member of my party may cause while on the premises. I further agree that I will not hold the Newtown Centre of Classical Ballet & Voice, its director, faculty, or employees liable for injuries (on property, inside building, performances) or for any illness contracted or for the loss or destruction of any personal property. Students will be photographed and videotaped from time to time and your signature on this form releases Newtown Centre of Classical Ballet & Voice from all liability of use of this material.