The Malenkee Ballet Repertoire Company is the official ballet company of the Newtown Centre of Classical Ballet. It was originally formed in 1980 by Marsha Ismailoff Mark, its founding director, who traces her heritage back to Russia where small ballet companies grew throughout the country. It was with this impetus that she perceived the establishment of Malenkee here in Newtown. Since Mrs. Mark’s retirement in 2001, the ballet company’s philosophies and traditions have been continued forward by the direction of Ms. Johnston and now Mrs. Gozzi. Its educational programming incorporating the background of creating a ballet, including music, history, and costuming as well as demonstrations by company members and audience participation has been well received by students, faculty and administrators as it continues to grow within the surrounding communities. It continues to be a company dedicated to the enriching of the community through the wonderful world of ballet and is comprised of a group of the school’s most elite dancers working to bring excellence to each performance through their hard work and talents. It is our hope that its programming will continue to touch the hearts of individuals in the community and help them find enrichment through the beautiful art of ballet.

What We Do:

This innovative ballet company performs in various public venues and is perhaps most well-known for its annual presentation of the Nutcracker Suite for the Newtown Youth and Family Services’s Holiday Festival. Smaller productions are done throughout the year for senior centers, nursing homes, cultural arts festivals and community fairs, and schools. The company has also performed for Newtown’s Tercentennial Tabloid Vivants, International Week at St. Rose School and has helped many girl scouts earn their dance badges through interactive performance events. In its coming seasons, Malenkee will add to its mission all work through the HealingArts Center and other non-profits benefitting the healing of the Newtown community following the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. The Malenkee Ballet Repertoire Company feels privileged to have had the opportunity to touch so many people’s lives with its educational dance programs and performances sponsored by PTA’s, non-profits, and schools.

How to Join:

Newtown Centre of Classical Ballet students ages ten and up are individually invited to audition for this yearly commitment at the end of each June for placement in the company the following season. Students accepted into Malenkee are required to take a minimum of two classes per week in addition to the Malenkee Company Class.  Further, as leaders of the school, company members are expected to take part in assistant teaching younger levels and costume/set-work as needed. Company members are expected to show the highest levels of decorum and discipline both in the studio and in their personal/scholastic environments. The company encourages students to explore their own individual creativity via programming their own works at the end of each season in addition to discovering how to truly be there for each other in a team environment to both make beautiful ballets and also do good for the community. Students are evaluated each year on their proactivity and dedication to furthering the mission of the company and must sign a commitment contract. For further information regarding auditioning, booking a performance, or educational programming, demonstrations, or lectures, contact Tory Gozzi.